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My training

For the past seven years I have trained in Ritual and Shamanism in the White Dragon Lineage under the guidance of multi disciplinary therapist Sharon Bolt. I have also worked in a variety of other multi dimensional spaces with multiple other teachers to learn the in's and out's of ceremonial protocol and the incredible impact it can have on people's lives. My training has been in the realms of Plant Spirit Communication, Spirit Allyship, Spirit Animals, Guardians, Elementals and so much more.

My training is an IEHA Globally Accredited Training and requires a minimum of 2 years of training, initiations and dedicated supervision and mentorship before being able to safely guide individuals and groups during their encounters with their true selves and the spirit world. The depth, tenure and immersion of this training enables the facilitator to walk the path of a technician of sacred spaces with the upmost integrity, safety and honour.

The Empress and the DragonĀ® Womb Clearing

This is a one of a kind, unique womb clearing protocol that focuses on a variety of manifestations of womb issues - from old partners to energetic hooks, dark energies, curses, programmes, womb grief, medical trauma and so much more. This is a quantum clearing session aimed at removing all that doesn't serve and then energetically balancing your womb for deeper connection to Self and our Great Mother. 

Facilitating the Obsidian aspect of The Empress and the Dragon has shown me the deep need that women have to have support through their womb cleansing. All women deserve to have this experience and feel the liberation that comes with having a clean, purified womb.

This work is not suitable for people who are already pregnant, however it is essential work for women who wish to conceive and bring their children into a clear space. For women who have already birthed their children, this work can ripple out of you and down your Ancestral lines to benefit all those who came before you and all those who will come after. For women who choose not to birth, this will effect your descendants and also provide a clean and clear space for birthing business and creative projects that are truly authentic to you. 

This work is for everyone who wishes to walk forward in this life with a fully claimed womb that is free of hooks and other's unnecessary energies so you can truly access your own unique and clear power.

These Ceremonial sessions run for 1.5 - 2 hours and can be done in person or online.

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