Kinesiologists use muscle feedback as a stress monitor to identify imbalances in their client's structural, chemical, mental and emotional energy systems. By correcting these imbalances the kinesiologist is able to re-activate the body's built-in healing ability as well as identify external factors affecting the client's well-being.

With Kinesiology we can really focus on and work with anything - from nutritional support to structural pain, headaches to jaw problems, learning difficulties and so much more! No session is the same and is uniquely tailored just to you, your body and what is needed upon the day.

Every body is different, all emotions are unique and your body keeps the score on the experiences you have had to bring you here today.


"Kinesiology is a communication tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas of their life. Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. Kinesiology uses muscles as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. Kinesiology enables people to detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, minor injuries and other issues they meet in their daily life." (ICPKP Definition)

Kinesiology is a broad field and Kinesiologists find their unique niche and flavour with their work. Having a 10 year background in womens work, Shamanism, workshops, energy work, trauma and birthwork has meant that my work has a strong backbone of active listening, space holding, genuine care and energetic hygiene and containment.

Many clients comment upon my ability to help reveal things they have before kept silent and the strength of safety within my energetic field and clinic space so that they can energetically drop. 

My specialities include:

I feel so lucky and blessed to be delivering such an incredible template for helping heal the body, mind and soul and to have real, practical skills to offer to my clients.

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