Birth begins long before a baby is conceived and has an impact long after a baby is born. Birth opens both woman and man into an identity they have not known before and is the oldest rite of passage known to man. In today’s Western Culture, many traditions and ceremonies have been lost regarding conception, birth and the post-partum period and it is a deep passion and calling for me to help reinstate the beauty and importance that bringing a new life into the world truly is. Through the right support, families can be given the wonderful gift of receiving so they may flourish as individuals and as a new family unit. Choosing a doula is choosing support, nurturing and care for everyone involved, no matter where you are at in your journey of family.


Doula Services

A doula is one of the oldest professions in the world and literally means ‘a woman’s servant’, which in essence means they are here to serve, assist and support other women on their birthing journeys. A doula offers non medical support and are of pure emotional assistance and dedication to the birthing woman and her family. Doula’s fill a huge gap in the medical system of birth, providing the much needed continuum of care before, during and after the birth of a child. 

I am passionate about being a full spectrum doula, which includes helping women on their fertility journeys, pregnancy, birth itself and in the postpartum period. My pregnancy and birth services include helping with understanding how you would like to birth, developing an emotional bond and understanding with both you and your partner and respecting your cultural views and wishes for your birth. In pregnancy and birth my job is to be your greatest ally so that you may have the birth you deserve.  

Postpartum Services

As a postpartum doula, I am passionate about helping mothers avoid postpartum depression and depletion by being a solid physical and emotional support, along with being practical in nutritional help, cooking and general home duties so that you can be more deeply rested and nourished. I also offer birth debriefing and energetic clearing support with Shamanic tools and Kinesiology for any birth stories that cause trauma or confusion.

To deepen your integration, I am also affiliated with a range of other birth workers and specialists so that I may refer you to whoever you need dependant on what is arising. 

You do not have to do this period alone, whether that is mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. I have a range of tools and skills available to help you get the best support you need so you can focus on your beautiful baby and your family unit.

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Closing The Bones Ceremony

Closing the bones is a Mexican tradition that helps women to find closure after birth and marks their passage into motherhood.

It is an incredible way to bring the body back into a nourished and held state, and for women who have had traumatic births to share their story and to be heard.

If an MRI scan was performed on a mother straight after birth, it would probably reveal that her hips had widened, and her organs had been pushed into strange places. If the body’s alignment isn’t restored after birth, a woman is more likely to suffer from pelvic instability, incontinence, lower back pain and leaking energy.

This cleansing ritual begins with the woman sharing her birth story, and this is usually accompanied by a warm cup of herbal tea and a foot bath.

Next, she is put into a bath containing special steaming herbs to soothe her vagina and breasts and then a blanket will be placed over her so that she is steamed for up to 10 minutes to start a deep purification process. This will ignite a deep journey inside her body and start an emotional and physical release. She is then taken from the bath, dried and given a short warming massage that stimulates blood flow and moves fluids around the body to get her energy and blood moving again. 

The woman is then ‘sifted’ again before having 5 Rebozo's firmly tied around the hips and the bladder, another around the skull and forehead, a third around the shoulders and a fourth around the knees and the fith around the ankles. This is a process of ‘cocooning’ the women. She is then covered with warm blankets, an eye pillow and allowed to lie quietly for as long as she needs. This can sometimes be an emotional releasing process or an incredibly relaxing and relieving one. This process allows a woman to go deeply into her body, birth journey and soul. When she is ready to be released, she is untied and integrated into the world with warm tea, some light snacks and debriefing.

This ceremonial procedure is a reminder that a woman deserves nourishment and nurturing after birth, she also deserves to be honoured, having been a portal of new life, and transitioning from Maiden into Mother. All my Ceremonial work is held within a Shamanic Energy Training template for the upmost sanctity and grounding for all my participants.

Please respect your own physical hindrances in a process such as this and if you suffer from anything such as epilepsy, vertigo or low blood pressure please seek medical advice before partaking in a ceremony
with a professional. 

I wish to honour the Indigenous keepers of this wisdom and tool and wish to offer my deepest reverence for these sacred tools and the desire for them to be used correctly.

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