Hi there, my name is Caitlin.

I was brought up in the Byron Shire, a nature spirit at heart and deeply connected to the Earth and it's teachings from childhood. Working with the natural landscape of our inner and outer environments is one of my deepest callings. 

My journey has been filled with much of my own wounding, lineage lessons and emotional rollercoasters, which is why I was led deeply into this work to first begin the process of healing myself and my psyche before opening up sessions to assist others to their own healing. I continue to be committed to my own self work through various therapy modalities and mentoring with teachers so I am held accountable to my own inner world and integrity. 

I have been in training with Shamanic Ceremonialist and Multidisciplinary therapist Sharon Bolt Shamanic Energy Training for the last seven years. I have attended nearly every workshop she has held (and that's a lot!), helped in her multi-dimensional spaces for thousands of hours and been her humble (and rebellious) assistant through many workshops, ceremonies and rituals. Half of the years of my work with Sharon was also an official three year apprenticeship that involved many mirrors, facing endless blindspots, shadows and wounding and slowly stepping into being a walker of the animistic and shamanic paths with humility and grace. 


I am also a full spectrum doula taught by Rhea Dempsey, a Post-Partum Doula taught by Anna Watts, and a registered Kinesiologist with the ICPKP school of Australia.

I am also a Facilitator of Sharon’s women’s inner alchemy series The Empress & The Dragon which has been running for the last four years. I have also just finished co-authoring a Postpartum Support book in 2021 with Tahlia Mynott called Nourishing Those Who Nurture.

Having teachers that I am accountable to means that I have no choice but be open to feedback, ongoing learning and the ever deepening path of integrity and humility. Being on a path of training means that I am open to constantly evolving, making mistakes and being open to change, initiations and my biggest love of all – going deeper with the work.

What I have come to learn from real training is the dedication it takes to be in alignment with my spirit team, the intensity it takes to be able to show up even after hard feedback and to be in integrity to know when to humble myself to my teachers, my lineage and to this path of Shamanic and Taoist teachings. I believe that with dedication and patience to our path, we can truly flower into the person that we know we are able to be. I know from my own journey, that true self love comes from delving deeply into ourselves and retrieving the gold from deep within.

My goal is to assist my clients to be aligned with their true lineage and medicine, to support people wherever they are at in their journey and to awaken the mystery and magick in our every day life; whether that is giving birth to new life or witnessing the death of patterns and stories from within. I look forward to being witness and assiting you to fertilise the soil of your soul and weed your inner landscape so that you may have a radiant garden within in every season of your life.

Caitlin x

Education and Certifications

7 years of helping and 3 years of official apprenticeship to renowned multi disciplinary therapist Sharon Bolt

Facilitator of five year running Women's Womb Healing workshop

9 month training programme to become a full spectrum Doula with Rhea Dempsey

Accredited by Anna Watts 

Registered Kinesiologist with the ICPKP School, specialising in trauma and nervous system work

500 hours of mentoring and training to become a Certified and Insured Plant Spirit Ceremonialist

Co Author and Creator of this incredible Postpartum Book for New Mothers

Deep trauma healing techniques for healing the nervous system and trauma patterns

Deep trauma healing techniques for healing the sexual abuse, trauma and ancestral patterning

Wellness Caterer and Educator for Retreats

Work that works with cleansing and clearing the energetic body with colour, crystal therapy and the chakra system

A workshop on learning how to correctly use the power of the Medicine Drum to journey to multidimensional landscapes for healing, manifestation and insight

Learning how to correctly address and co-create with the Plant Kingdom and Plant Allies 

Learning how to understand one's own Spirit Animal team and to utilise their support for wisdom, protection, strength and courage

Learning how to connect with one's own Spirit Team and Mythical Creatures for deeper alliance, wisdom, support and insight

Learning how to use the Pendulum to find clarity and connect with intuition 

Learning the wisdom of cycles, the menstrual cycle and the wisdom of one's lineage to connect deeper into pregnancy and how to support both mother and baby in a deeper way

Plus thousands of hours assisting, helping and serving in other Shamanic containers and workshops from 2012 to current.